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What is the USA Summer Work & Travel Program?

Engage in a cultural exchange program that provides foreign college and university students with opportunities to interact with U.S. citizens and culture through work in the USA in order to fund a portion of participant’s travel expenses. The program lasts for 4 months and has 2 signing on periods (March and May). It’s an excellent way to exchange culture, gain valuable work experience, and explore America

Experience American Culture

USA Summer Work & Travel program is a great way for participants to engage in cultural exchange in the American work place. Learn how to professionally conduct yourself in an American business setting and make lasting connections.

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Earn Money For your Work

Get compensated for your work here in America. Use the money you earn here to experience all the different parts of the United State's culture and also bring some money back home after you are done with your trip

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Multiple Career Opportunity

With our multitude of partnering employers, we are sure to find the right job for your regardless of what your interests are. From working with technology, customer service or helping the environment, we will help connect you with the perfect job opportunity that suits your interest and needs.

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See America

In the 30 days following your work and travel adventure, you will have a remarkable opportunity to traverse the diverse tapestry of the United States. Explore iconic cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, each with its unique charm and attractions. Venture into the breathtaking natural wonders of national parks, from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone. It's a month of discovery, adventure, and creating your very own American story. 

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Immerse your self in the American culture first hand

Work and Travel is an amazing opportunity for learning different skills, exploring exciting places and meeting new people

Work Basics

  • Potential Free Accommodations: Some of our employer partners are excited to provide housing or even plane tickets to candidates who have the skills they are looking for. 
  • Working in America: Working in the USA provides an invaluable opportunity to expand your skill set, enhance your résumé, and gain a broader perspective on the global job market contributing to your long-term career development. 
  • Global Connections: Coming here to work in America will give the opportunity for candidates to meet American business' professionals and learn the ins and outs of how they function  .


  • Increase Revenue Stream: Candidates working here in America will be paid a competitive rate for their time and also be given the chance to work multiple jobs leading to an increase in earnings. Around (12.00 - 19.50 dollars an hour)
  • Fund your Vacation: Certain jobs will provide you with free housing, allowing you to save pocket money to fund your vacation and during your school year.
  • Opportunities for more: After 3 weeks of working at your primary job you are allow to seek additional jobs for no additional cost for those who really wants to maximize their summer vacation.


Work to fund your summer vacation

Competitive wages and interesting jobs makes for an independent summer experience


A chance to try new things

With multiple partnering employers we have have a job for everyone.

Work Basics

  • Multiple Position: From ice cream creamery to museums to amusement park, we have a position for everyone whatever your interest.
  • Multiple Location: We have partners throughout America, from the rainy but peaceful Pacific Northwest to bustling New York City, which ever part of America you want to experience we have a partner there who is willing to work with you!


  • 30 Days Vacation: After your work period ends you have 30 days to spend your hard earn money and travel across the country to really experience America
  • 24/7 Support: Both us and our partners are here for you in America! We offer 24/7 support for all your needs, even if you just wanna chat!
  • Work Location: Many of our employer partners are attractions themselves allow you to be right where the actions are at!


See America first hand and experience the daily life of an American citizen

With position scattered around the nation, which ever part of our county you want to experience we are there.